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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> right. all right. well, the book is "twenty-six seconds." looks fantastic. that does it for us this morning on "morning joe." we have a lot of fast-ba paced developments going on in donald trump's transition. a lot of appointments that are going down today, and for that, stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. stephanie. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. we have breaking news indeed this morning. donald trump filling three key posts. senator jeff sessions for attorney general, congressman mike pompeo for cia, and lieutenant general michael flynn has assessmented national security adviser. but these picks are controversial. sessions has been accused of racial insensitivity in his past. and flynn for his relationship with russia and comments on islam. >> there is a disease inside of this islamic body. it's like cancer. >> the phony and the choker.
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in a bizarre twist, trump now meeting with mitt romney. you heard me right, mitt romney, the former republican nominee in contention for secretary of state. and there is no love lost between these two gentlemen. >> mr. trump is a con man, a fake. >> mitt cannot run. he choked like a dog. >> plus, family meeting. the president-elect's first big meeting with a foreign head of state and who joins him? his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner. raising new questions about their roles in the administration. we have got to begin this morning with the trump transition shifting officially into high gear. three big appointments confirmed by nbc, expected to be confirmed by the trump team later today. we have our correspondents and analysts here to break it all down. i want to start with nbc's peter alexander a the white house. peter, let's talk about the two picks we heard about this morning, mike pompeo and jeff sessions. what do they bring to the table? >> let's start with the alabama
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conservative, senator jeff sessions. he was the first senator, one of the earliest allies to come out and back donald trump, a frequent sidekick on the road over the course of the campaign trail. jeff sessions is a former alabama attorney general. he served in the senate for the last 20 years. but he is controversial. he's fiercely anti-immigration. also, when he was up for a federal judgeship more than two decades ago, back then, it was denied, his confirmation in the senate, judiciary committee at the time denied because of what you referred to, some racially insensitive comments back then, which is certain to raise some alarm bells among democrats and civil rights groups. while he faces a senate confirmation this time around, the 52 republican senators who would seem likely that would be an easy confirmation for him. about mike pompeo, he's a kansas congressman. he came in in his tea party wave several years back. he's a vocal critic, a very vocal on the house benghazi
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committee. been very anti-hillary clinton in his comments. he's also a member of the house intelligence committee. he's harvard educated. a harvard law school educated, west point grad as well. he actually has a very close relationship, which is notable, to the vice president-elect, mike pence. he was brought in to help prepare pence for his debate with senator tim kaine. >> let's talk mike flynn for a minute. over the last 24 hours, we have heard about this other really big appointment. national security adviser. please tell us more about the general. >> so the bottom line is this is one of the most powerful positions in the entire white house. certainly on national security. a position that needs no confirmation. which is important because mike flynn is one of the most -- one of the most controversial names that donald trump has allied himself with over the course of his entire campaign. he was fired in 2014 as the director of the intelligence agency. he was viewed at the time as being contentious.
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something he denied. he said it was simply because his critics didn't like the fact that he was so fiercely concerned about islamic radicalism. obviously, he has been on the road and some of the comments that he has made overseas including his coziness with russia, a trip in february where he was sat effectively side by side with vladimir putin has raised eyebrows as well. >> thanks so much. we're also getting word of a very interesting meeting set to take this place weekend. this one was my wow. between donald trump and a man he famously called a loser. mitt romney. kasie hunt joins me now. help me out here. mitt romney just weeks ago, it seems like, calling donald trump an absolute con man. we know how thin skinned donald trump is. he does not like it when people say things that aren't so nice about him. >> these two men have been trading insults essentially since mitt romney lost the election in 2012, and donald trump called him a choker. and mitt romney, of course, comes from deep mormon faith,
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and that has, i think, animated some of the opposition and some of the comments that governor romney has made about donald trump over the course of the campaign. look, from the trump team's perspective, this gives them an opportunity to be out there publicly showing they're trying to heal the wounds of this election. and they still have some work to do with a lot of the establishment republicans who worked in and around romney. this is both elected officials and also all the people that worked for romney that frankly donald trump is going to need to send in their resumes. he has a lot of positions to fill, not just at the highest levels and making thisoverture stands to help him. mitt romney above all else is a patriot. if this is a real offer and he feels he can help the country, i see no reason why he wouldn't. >> do we know anything about the phone call between those two men soon after the election? >> at this point, people close to romney are very mum about it. at the same time, you have not seen governor romney come out and say anything negative about donald trump since this election
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actually happened. he's been tweeting, saying we should pray for mr. trump and for the country. >> mum's the word. we'll see hot they have to say this weekend. kasie, please stay with us. i want to bring in "washington post" national reporter robert costa, a man who knows the trump team very well. robert, i want to start with the news about jeff sessions. he's got a long legal resume, and also apparently bonded with donald trump over immigration and trade policy. we have heard from kellyanne conway over and over, mr. trump will remember who was loyal to him, who was close to him throughout the campaign, and jeff sessions was out there early. >> i was with him, with senator sessions in mobile, alabama, when he first came to meet donald trump as a presidential candidate. his raucous rally at a college football stadium, trump brought sessions on the plane. sessions put on a make america great again hat at a rally. you could see this hardline immigration views that sessions advocated was becoming the heart and soul of the trump campaign and they stayed close ever
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since. >> while voters may be okay with it, jeff sessions would need to get confirmed. 30 years ago, he could not get confirmed for a federal judgeship because of insensitive comments he made in the state of alabama. it was 30 years ago, but -- >> well, 30 years ago, and he needed 60 votes in the senate at the time. and that's actually -- that's changed now for judgeships because senate democrats used the nuclear option and blew up the filibuster nomination for judicial nominees with the exception of supreme court justices. for this role, sessions is only going to need a majority in the senate. and republicans have a majority in the senate. it's a narrow one. i think the people to watch are rand paul has already shown he's willing to throw some bombs on these nominations. so there may be a case where they would need a democratic vote or two to get one of these nominees across. unless somebody is really willing to take a stand, jeff sessions has been a member of the senate for a long time. typically, it's a little safer to have to go through this process with people that have been your friends and colleagues. just ask john kerry how it went
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for him, for example. >> robert, some moderates have been told since the election, relax. we'll see what donald trump does. he may shift more towards the middle. but tell us a bit about a pick like mike pompeo who a lot of people don't know very well. >> i have covered congressman pompeo for a few years. he comes from kansas. he's someone who is close to the koch brothers. he's close to many in the conservative movement community. people like bill kristol, the weekly standard writer and editor has long been a proponent of pompeo. someone with a future in national politics. he's well liked by house leadership. he's someone who is going to work closely with the house intelligence committee chairman who has the relationships on capitol hill. >> kasie, how about mike flynn? >> i think mike flynn has obviously become a more controversial, particularly people talk about his personality being one that may take some getting used to. clearly, donald trump has found a kindred personal spirit in
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mike flynn which should explain that a little bit. i think there's a reason why the post that he is reportedly been offered is not one that requires senate confirmation. so donald trump gets to install him in the white house. i think there is going to be a lot of scrutiny on his ties particularly to russia, his participation in that conference sponsored by russia. today, the news network that's owned by the russian government. >> mike pompeo, jeff sessions, mike flynn. we're not entirely surprised given their relationship with trump. we have to talk about mitt romney. i want to share, in case people are forgetting, what mitt romney said not long ago about donald trump. take a listen. >> his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament or the judgment to be president, and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a signing city on a hill. >> he's got personal qualities that you shouldn't like. he's unqualified for the job,
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but maybe i'll be his secretary of state. is that what we're facing here? >> kasie and i, i believe, were at the same conference a few years ago when romney went to park city, utah, to outline his view of the world. secretary of state is something he would like to do at this point in his life, but there's a concern that mane not really a concern, a sense that trump maybe not offer the position, that this meeting is more about making peace. the one thing about romney and just the discussion of it, a signal to the republican establishment and trump critics that though he's bringing in the populist and the steve bannons of the world and the mike flynns, he is thinking about people like reince priebus, who was installed as chief of staff, and maybe a mitt romney or governor haley for secretary of state. >> does it matter if in the end he chooses his homeboys, taking meetings with other people, could one say who cares? >> that's going to be the dynamic to watch. this power sharing inside of the white house and the cabinet.
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we have seen in the past, you look at ronald reagan with jim baker and ed meese, balancing the longtime loyalists to the elders and leadership. it's something presidents have struggled with, and for a total outsider like donald trump, it will be something he will have to navigate. >> total outsider who is the man with the ultimate power. >> coming up, the ultimate power couple, and i'm not talking about melania and donald. ivanka and jared. they're not just advising the president-elect. now they're sitting in on his meetings with foreign leaders. how exactly can they run their businesses now? >> plus, did trump really save a ford manufacturing plant in kentucky? he said so last night. but we checked the facts. straight ahead.
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controversy is swirling around donald trump's first visit with a foreign leader since becoming president-elect. he met with the prime minister of japan yesterday, shinzo abe, but the topics discussed remain unknown. then there's this surprise. trump's daughter and son-in-law, ivanka trump and jared kushner were both present at the meeting, but no press was allowed, and critics are blasting that as a lack of transparency. team trump released its own pictures of the meeting which we have decided not to air. joining me now, senior writer for news week, kirk eichenwald, and vicky ward. kirk, i want to start with you. ivanka at this meeting, this complicates the notion that she will run a blind trust. first, if donald trump's children ran his business, it wouldn't be a blind trust. but how do they continue this narrative that the kids will be on one side running the business and he will be running the government? how does ivanka sit in on that
6:16 am
meeting? >> well, it's an appalling lack of diplomacy for the japanese. i mean, japan is very, very specific on its diplomatic protocol. and there's already a reaction in japan of what is this woman doing here? she's a family member. this isn't -- you know, this isn't old home week. and if they're going to keep with what they're saying, that ivanka is going to run the business, you know, that doesn't solve any of the problems, number one. you're right, it's not a blind trust. you can't put a company in a blind trust. it's like saying i put an apple in a bag. i don't know what in the bag anymore. but they have to get in or out. if they're going to be part of the government or if they're going to be advisers, they need to get that clear, sell or liquidate the company, because the conflicts of interest are simply so huge that they cannot be repaired. and move on. or she needs to get out.
6:17 am
you cannot play it both ways. >> they have been saying that for days and legally she doesn't have to. legally, they said, hey, press, you don't like it, get out. and none of us were there last night. >> no, they don't have to do it. and that's the thing. if donald trump wants to go down in history as, you know, the most conflicted, a president who doesn't understand the job, then he can choose to do that. that's true. but that's why -- i mean, when you hear things like maybe mitt romney will be secretary of state, i mean, i hope so, because that would be somebody who understands these sort of delicate relationships. but it will come down to the question of does donald trump want his friends sitting around who aren't qualified and create these conflicts, or does he want to have an effective administration? >> vicky, who is jared kushner? yes, he is his son-in-law. yesterday, a trump transition team member compared him to alexander hamilton. >> right. >> and an academic.
6:18 am
who exactly is jared? >> well, jared is very like donald. you know, they both are very ambitious, successful real estate developmeers who know a great deal about branding. jared kushner has a very different style about him than his father-in-law, but if you look at what he's done, it's a fantastic rebranding of the kushner name. his father was sent to jail around 2004 by chris christie. and, you know, jared then in his 20s moved the kushner company's real estate firm into new york, into the most expensive new york property -- out of new jersey, crossing the river, just like donald trump had done, but from queens many decades earlier. then he buys a new york newspaper, the new york observer, and then, you know, he marries ivanka trump, who had to convert to orthodox judaism in a
6:19 am
very prominent wedding covered by vogue. jared is described as low-key. these are not the actions of someone who is low-key. they're also very strategic. and one of the things that i think i have noticed in my reporting both for my piece in esquire in october, i also reported on donald for many, many years. is sort of how these two real estate minds align. and jared knows how to strategize. you know, one saw him in the summer using social media. he didn't care that he sort of fell out with all of his new york social and professional acquaintances who were horrified by the trump campaign, because he knew that there was middle america that donald trump spoke to, and he was quietly doing the math and strategizing. so i think right now you see his sort of calm, cool, careful
6:20 am
strategy, who donald trump, sitting next to his father-in-law, his father-in-law has come to greatly rely on jared kushner. that's why he's sitting there with him. >> jared has proven he's pretty good at math. all right, vicky, kirk, thank you both. we have to take a break. up next, did donald trump just score his first big win? he said he's consistenced the ceo of ford to keep their car plant in kentucky. but it might be a little more complicated than that. to keep t kentucky. but it might be a little more complicated than that. ford to k kentucky. but it might be a little more complicated than that. of ford t in kentucky. but it might be a little more complicated than that. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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we'll be calling the executives at ford or whatever company it is. and we'll tell them very nicely that if they want to move their factory or their plant to another country, they will have to pay a 35% tax when they sell their cars or their product back into the united states. >> president-elect donald trump is already having those conversations with corporate executives. now he's tweeting about a ford
6:24 am
plant not moving to mexico. but is that really what happened? i don't think that ford plant was moving there. ali velshi. >> it was not. >> one more time. it was not ever moving there. >> the ford plant wasn't going to mexico in the first place. this is what donald trump tweeted last night. just got a call from my friend bill ford, chairman of ford, who advised me he will be keeping the lincoln plant in kentucky. no mexico. guess what. it wasn't going to. it wasn't going to mexico in the first place. i'll show you what is supposed to happen as soon as i can get this to work. hang on a second. hold on. >> even if you can't -- >> i can. this is the louisville assembly plant. opened in 1955. has 4,795 vehicles. makes two vehicles. the lincoln mkc was going to go probably to another plant, and that plant was probably going to be in mexico. but guess what. when they sent that to mexico, they were going to keep exactly that number of employees. >> one more time, they agreed they were nate going to get rid
6:25 am
of jobs. >> they were bound by their union contract to keep the employees. they were going to make the ford escapes. i don't know where they're going to make the escapes they were going to make that, but this plant was never going to mexico. one type of car was going to go to mexico, and something else was going to be built in its place with exactly the same number of employees. i feel like that might be a little bit of a fake tweet. this is ford's response, diplomatic, saying we leak the fact that the president is going to try to be more competitive and do things like that. they don't want to get into a fight with donald trump. you know what it's like being on the other side of that. this plant wasn't going anywhere. donald trump invented a war and won it. >> winning his first invented war. you'll be back with me in an hour. >> i'll talk to you about why people actually do build plants in america. >> there you go. coming up, donald trump's cabinet is quickly fillingp. but can they get confirmed?
6:26 am
we'll break the names down. stay with us. he gets a lot of compliments.
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc, and it is time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. donald trump is quickly filling up his spots in the cabinet. senator jeff sessions has accepted the post of attorney general. congressman mike pompeo will be the cia director, and retired three-star general michael flynn will be national security adviser. meanwhile, mitt romney is reportedly being eyed for secretary of state. trump and romney feuded throughout trump's presidential run. but their frosty relationship seems to be thawing with the two scheduled to meet over the weekend. >> president obama is heading to peru on the last leg of his final world tour as president. it comes after a meeting this morning with key european leaders focused on security and trade. >> carl conyers, the son of michigan congressman john conyers has been found unharmed
6:30 am
after he went missing for three days. houston police say they're not looking for any suspects in connection to the disappearance, but an investigation is ongoing. >> the panthers held off the saints last night with a 23-20 victory. but it did not come without cost. panthers star linebacker luke kuechly had to be carted off the field in the fourth quarter. >> we have to get back now to the breaking news this morning and donald trump's latest appointments. tammy leitner is live outside trump tower in midtown manhattan. what are you hearing about an official announcement coming from the trump team today? sean spicer says don't believe anything until it comes out of donald trump's own mouth. we have heard the same thing from kellyanne conway. >> good morning, stephanie. you know, we're expecting those announcements that talked about to be official today. anyone who wants to be in trump's administration at some point usually comes through the trump tower. yesterday was a resolving door of who's who.
6:31 am
there's a lot of anticipation as to who will show up today. we know at some point today, trump will be leaving here and heading to bedmanster, new jersey, he'll be spending the weekend at his golf resort. sources tell us he also will be meeting with mitt romney, possibly some time this weekend. possibly for a consideration of secretary of state. now, it's very unusual that this meeting is taking place, considering the relationship these two men have had over the last year. very, very contentious. so it's unclear really what this meeting means, if this is an olive branch between the two or what the future could hold. stephanie. >> thus far, trump tower this morning, any action? who's in, who's out? >> you know, it's been quiet so far. but let me give you an idea of the security going on around here because that's the big thing too. there's a meeting to decide on security at trump tower. we're in the media bull pen here. they have us across the street from trump tower. 56th street is closed off to all
6:32 am
cars. there are police vehicles on every single corner. there is s.w.a.t. inside and outside the building as well as secret service. so a lot of security. and as i mentioned, they'll be discussing today what future security plans will be for around trump tower. >> in just a few minutes, we'll be speaking to former new york police commissioner bill bratton about how challenging it will be to secure that all-glass skyscraper that is trump tower. thank you, tammy. i want to bring in nbc senior political editor mark murray. we have got to talk about some of these names. jeff sessions, mike pompeo, they have got to be confirmed for their positions. give me a reason to think they're definitely going to get through. >> when it comes to jeff sessions, one of the reasons he's probably going to get through is it's hard to see your colleagues in the u.s. senate sinking your own nomination. of course, we saw that back with john ashcroft. he brought controversies to be george w. bush's first attorney general, and his colleagues passed him through.
6:33 am
i think that's probably going to be what ends up getting sessions through. it's really hard to see his republican colleagues sinking him. however, a lot of the controversies that ended up sinking a federal judgeship for sessions will be fodder for a lot of democrats and liberal groups. >> all right, earlier this week, in washington, d.c., rudy giuliani said he's not interested in attorney general. secretary of state, on the other hand, he may be your guy. i'm not hearing rudy's name in the last 24 hours. we're talking mitt romney. what's going on with rudy? >> well, so on the one hand, you could argue that rudy knlaun is still the front-runner as he was last week. and then a lot of these other names and whether it be mitt romney, bob corker, the tennessee senator, could end up being some other smoke screen. we also heard nikki haley, the south carolina governor. on the one hand, you could have the argument it's really rudy giuliani and the rest of this is smoke screen, or it's not going to be rudy giuliani and stephanie, i think we have to wait and find out. >> could rudy have hurt himself
6:34 am
this week, the fact he was somewhat publicly campaigning? kellyanne conway joins the "morning joe" team yesterday and sort of intimated it's best to have these discussions in private, and donald trump does have the final say. and that's not what rudy was doing. >> yeah, that is possibly a problem, and of course, we see new jersey governor chris christie kind of talk actively about the transition, and maybe some of the roles he may or may not want and then he got knocked off the transition team. what i would argue is if there's been one consistency from donald trump and what he values, it's loyalty. and rudy giuliani was with donald trump through thick and thin during the final stretches of that campaign. i have to believe that will be taken into consideration on giving giuliani some type of position in a donald trump cabinet. >> then how do you square off donald trump looking at people like nikki haley, who he had a back and forth with, and definitely mitt romney? >> stephanie, it's interesting
6:35 am
that is donald trump going to bring in someone who really wasn't with him from the beginning? as we know, mitt romney had a lot of criticism of donald trump. nikki haley was no fan of donald trump either during the primary season or this is more a gesture of good will? so far, the picks that donald trump has made have been on the loyalist side, whether it's like michael flynn, jeff sayses, steve bannon, reince priebus. those people were with donald trump all the way. it's going to be interesting to see if someone who wasn't with him all the way ends up being another taype of person who migt join the cabinet. >> with the exception of reince priebus, those who he picked so far are on the pretty far right side, especially as it relates to immigration and trade. those moderates who have been told over the last week, relax. take a breath. let's see what donald does. in terms of what he's done so far, he stuck pretty far right. >> i agree. but also, stephanie, i would argue it's very consistent. these are the people who were either key surrogates for him or key campaign officials.
6:36 am
and donald trump seems to be sticking on the issues and on the personalities that ended up getting him his presidential win through the electoral college. so you know, again, do you end up having all loyalists or will there actually be a surprise or two? a democrat, for example, or someone who wasn't -- we have to wait and see. >> based on who he had join him to meet shinzo abe last night, i would say loyalist is pretty high up on donald's list of priorities. mark, thank you so much. next, new fury over calls from within trump's transition team for a muslim registry. the former chief of the new york city police department, bill bratton, joins us next. does he think that is necessary?
6:37 am
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donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> he choked like a dog. he choked. >> his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees.
6:40 am
he would have dropped to his knees. >> one more time. he said, mitt, i could have said drop to your knees and he would drop to his knees. we heard those insults back and forth between mitt romney and donald trump during the campaign. but now, the two foes are meeting face-to-face this weekend. a source telling nbc news the 2012 republican nominee is being considered for secretary of state. joining me now, mckay coppins. senior political writer at buzzfeed who has covered romney extensively. that quote, donald trump saying, i could tell mitt romney to drop to his knees. >> unbelievable. >> mitt romney who we have heard things say things like your word is your bond. how does he square off having received those insults from donald trump and throwing some serious shade at trump himself, sitting down and saying, maybe i'll be your secretary of state? >> the people i talked to in romney's circle and in the republican establishment say that he was right to come out in an act of principle, oppose
6:41 am
donald trump throughout this campaign. trump is now going to be president, whether mitt romney likeatize or not, and the argument in romney's orbit is basically that republicans' mainstream qualified republicans like romney now have an obligation to go get their hands on jobs like secretary of state, because they hope to be able to steer trump in a more, if not moderate, at least reasonable direction. they think that if you leave all the appointments up to people like newt gingrich and michael flynn and jeff sessions, all the loyal insiders who joined trump at the very beginning, then frankly, a lot of people in romney's orbit think it would be chaos in the federal government. you need to have people like that cozy up to trump. >> so is this more of a paul ryan saying mitt, come on. get onboard. i can't do this alone. >> i think it's paul ryan, i think it's reince priebus. trump has created basically two power centers in his white house already with bannon on one end and priebus on the other. and you know, priebus and mike
6:42 am
pence also, when they go to trump and they say, you know, it would be worth talking to mitt, i think trump says, okay, i'll take the meeting. that said, i have heard a lot of skepticism from my republican sources about whether this is actually going to happen. they think that the best case scenario is it will happen. the worst case scenario is it's some kind of way to humiliate mitt romney. most likely i think what's happening is trump to trying to send a signal to the republican establishment that, hey, i know a lot of tough things were said during the campaign. i'm willing to sit down with your guys. work with me. that's a way of saying that. >> is it fair to say that donald trump has creating these two separate power verticals, priens reebs on one side and steve bannon on the other, because a cynic might say reince is like a company guy. steve bannon is like a force. >> yes, oh, that is absolutely true. and we saw it during the campaign, that reince priebus did not show a lot of ability to rein in donald trump in the way the republican establishment
6:43 am
hop hoped. the thing a lot of people are hopeful about in the republican party is at least reince has good relationships with beam like mitt romney and other more mainstream republicans and they're hoping that his chief of staff, he can usher in kind of bring in some of those people to the administration. >> but donald trump having these meetings, let's say he has a meeting with mitt romney. it doesn't actually mean anything because those who he has selected so far are really core trumpers. from wib the trump campaign, whether it's from kellyanne conway or communications chief of the rnc, sean spicer, they keep saying it's about loyalty. loyalty to mr. trump. that's not something mitt romney has shown. >> this is the thing that terrifies the republican party. >> but hold on. donald trump is something that terrified the republican establishment. >> the deep state republican party in washington, the never trump coalition, they're terrified at the prospect that trump is only going to choose those most loyal people because the people who joined donald trump early in the campaign when there were 15 other options were
6:44 am
not the most mainstream republicans. >> i might surprise you. listen up because we have breaking news. nbc news has confirmed president-elect donald trump is nearing a settlement in the fraud case against his now defunct for-profit trump university. this despite his claims while campaigning that he ever, ever settles. trump will not admit to any wrong-doing in a final agreement, but he is settling. mckay, what does this say to you? that's a new donald trump. >> i would caution against saying this is a pivot that we have been waiting for for the past year. look, logic dictates that donald trump diz not want to spend his time as president of the united states fighting a civil suit about a fraud case for one of his business enterprises. it makes sense he would want to get that out of the way. it's true, you said, he doesn't like to settle, but realistically, there was no way he could go forward in his presidency fighting this case on the side. i think that makes sense. >> there's a chapter that
6:45 am
appears to now be closed. thank you so much. i know you're going to be focused on bedminister, new jersey, this weekend. >> next, will authorities be able to secure a giant skyscraper made of glass in the middle of the biggest city in the world? the former nypd commissioner bill bratton joins me. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance does everybody make everybody i know.s? how does he eat them all? he's working hard all night... he gets hungry. why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking
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welcome back. you are watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. a couple hours from now, new york city's mayor and top cop will be laying out details of how they plan to protect the president-elect as he directs his transition from trump tower to the white house. i want to bring in the perfect man to talk about this, former nypd commissioner bill bratton. he's currently an msnbc senior law enforcement special and executive chairman of teneo risk. when i look at trump tower, an all-glass building in the middle
6:49 am
of midtown manhattan, that's got to be a security nightmare. >> challenging, isn't it in. >> a nice way to put it. how challenging? >> very challenging. a glass building, built in 1983, i think. on the busiest street in the city, fifth avenue, adjacent to 57th. and it is a very complex security issue to secure the building, insure the floor traffic, insure the flow of pedestrians, take care of the residents of the building. fortunately, the nypd has extraordinary experience with these types of issues and has very close working relationships with the secret service. so they'll be looking below the building, looking above the building, they'll be looking around the building, and it's my belief that they'll come to appropriate compromises to meet security needs, traffic needs, pedestrian flow needs. >> based on fact that already this week mr. trump sort of gave the press the slip and made his way down 52nd street and went to dinner, how challenging is it to
6:50 am
get someone who doesn't come from the political world to understand the need for such a secure setup? >> that will be part of the transition process of mr. trump, his family, understanding security needs, which will be made quite clear be made quite clear to him. i think, also, president's mindful of trying to, as much as possible, not be too disruptive to their environment. unfortunately, in the circumstance where trump tower is located, there's no way you cannot be disruptive in some sense. so trying to get that to the absolute minimum while ensuring his security. >> fifth avenue is one of the most high traffic streets in new york city, the most expensive retail properties we have. if you're on 56th street now closed, what does that mean for you? tough luck? >> it's going to be complicated, whether you live in the building, seek to get into the
6:51 am
adjacent businesses. i took a walk around there on my way over here and in front of the building today, there's one lane totally taken up with you, the media. 20-some odd cameras there, the side street, 56th street to provide for the vehicles to move mr. trump around and then flows on to madison avenue. it's a complex security issue but the city will adjust to it as it always does. there's up to the 20th of january and then when he comes back from time to time. tough, and joyful time of year, christmas season, and you have to adjust and we'll adjust. >> president-elect donald trump is a bit of a my way or the highway kind of guy. you said he scares the hell out of you kbl t. >> the comments relative to the issue of muslims.
6:52 am
the nypd, almost a thousand muslim officers, thousands of muslim employees in a city with almost a half million muslims. so the concern there was that issue that we look to work with that community as we seek to work with every community. so going forward, i think the realities of moving from an election process into governing will address many of those issues in a positive way. i'm optimistic about that. >> muslim immigrant, on the muslim front, what gives you confidence that things will settle down especially with appointments he's made like mike flynn? >> we'll have to see going forward what the rest of the team looks like going forward and we live in a democracy where we seek to protect all citizens no matter what their backgrounds and this issue is one of the complex issues that were debated during the campaign but campaigning is very different from governing so we'll have to see as we move into governing
6:53 am
how it all shakes out. >> for those of us who had concerns during the campaign and now the pages are turned, the idea of muslim registry, what does that actually mean? because right here in new york city after 9/11, there were some form of muslim registry. >> muslim registry. i don't know what that term means. only heard that in the last day or so, so what it actually means, i don't think any of us knows, whether that's an actuality, a concept, wishful thinking on the part of some people. i don't know. i can't respond to that one. >> what is your hope? if donald trump had scared the hell out of you before, from a new york city police department perspective, there's a massive amount of muslim representation, what lane do you hope he takes? >> again, history tends to show that governments, when they take office, tend to move from far left, far right, more into a center position and that's been
6:54 am
history over time. we'll see if the that occurs with this government. >> what do you know of him? an appointment of mike flynn, what do you think about that? >> i don't know anything about the general except what i've heard recently but knew in terms of a player so. and i haven't read a great deal other than what's in the news the last day or so but obviously has the confidence of mr. trump and a lot of experience in this area, so he is the first significant appointment, very significant appointment in terms of the principle advisor to the president on terrorism issues and sure we'll learn a lot more about him in the coming days as his background is explored more extensively. >> we talked about trump tower for one but many said donald trump won't be spending as much time potentially in the white house as we've seen other presidents, where it's this weekend heading out to his golf course in new jersey, mar-a-lago down in palm beach or trump tower where he knows, we know he
6:55 am
likes to spend a lot of time and sleep up there in his penthouse apartment. what could it mean for new york city, a town that already has a lot of security risks? having a president that wants to spend a lot of time here, how concerned should new york be? >> i don't think we have to have significant concerns at all. nypd is an extraordinary agency and works closely with the counterparts and responsible for the president's security. reality is that residence is in washington and property down in florida. we just don't know that. right now, an exceptional moment where he's basically conducting his transition out of his home, although over the weekend, i understand moving it over to new jersey. so have to go across the river, leave the rest of us alone here in new york for a while but all of this is speculative at this sag
6:56 am
stage but the security issue will always remain paramount and the other considerations will be taken into account but the security has to be paramount. >> new yorkers, all of whom you kept safe all these years. >> thank you. coming up, jeff sessions named donald trump's attorney general. i'll be speaking with a member of trump's national hispanic council. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain. aleve. live whole. not part.
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before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. breaking news. the cabinet taking shape. sources tell msnbc alabama senator jeff sessions, the first senator to endorse donald trump is a pick for attorney general. coming just ten days after the election. the 69-year-old once rejected by the senate for another federal appointment now gearing up for another congressional confrontation.
7:00 am
>> people have to make that decision, to cast the votes or any confirmation. >> also, two other senior positions filling in. flynn is in. retired army general michael flynn accepting the offer to become national security advisor. we are expecting an initial announcement from the transition office on all of these names any moment from now and we'll bring that to you when it happens. i want to start with our team following the transition, katy tur, hallie jackson, kasie hunt. who better than a strong team of extraordinary women to help make sense of all of this? i was going to start with hallie but she's tardy to the party. >> i'm sorry, just making -- >> okay, just off the phone. give us some talking. we'll give you a pass for being late. >> i'm going to get fired. where's


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